There’s an incredible range of lunch bags on the market at the moment, and as described on the main Koko Lunch Bags page, the key benefit of a Koko lunch bag is its balance between practicality and design. Nobody will know that your bag is in-fact an insulated lunch box.

You can see most of the bags talked about on this page, and buy one if you want, by clicking here.

Remember, the virtues of taking your lunch to work in a Koko lunch bag are many. Not only is it cost-effective without sacrificing quality (the lunch-bag will keep your food fresh and at the temperature it goes in) but it’s also very environmentally friendly. Koko lunch bags really are the most extreme form of lunch-box ever created. If you want to be on the cutting edge of office lunches, then make no mistake, Koko is your only option.

FreshPocket Nicole Casey

So, with that in mind, here is a selection of some of the best models that you can pick. They range from superbly fashionable handbags to well designed, compact clutches. Here’s our selection of the best of Koko lunch bags:

1. Koko Deep Freshpoket (for men): This lunch-box is designed to look like a laptop carry-case, so it fits in perfectly to that kind of professional environment. The outer and inner are both made of nylon so that they wipe clean very well and easily. The new insulated “deep poket” design has been made to trap and exclude heat (so it will keep your lunch hot or cold depending on how it goes in) and also maximise space so that you can pack the biggest feast possible. There’s also storage space for cutlery. It’s also very light at one 6.4 ounces.

Koko Casey 2. Koko Casey: With a pink and black stripe thatched design and a seven inch shoulder strap, this is, in our opinion, one of the best designs available today. You’re not going to get closer to a real handbag than this.

3. Koko Nicole: Again, another fantastic-looking lunch bag. This is an embroidered, flowery bag with a drawstring to close the top and a magnetic snap closure system. It is, as usual, well insulated and easy to clean. Like the first bag in this list, it’s made completely of nylon for good durability.

4. Koko Lily: This is a very popular bag. At only $12.00 (Amazon at time of writing) it’s very inexpensive without sacrificing quality. It’s got big handles that will fit nicely over your shoulder and two large pockets and a spotted design. As an added bonus it includes some cutlery.

Also Consider

If you’re planning on regularly packing your own lunch to work, or if you already do, then there’s a few products that supplement a Koko lunch bag very well. Obviously, Tupperware boxes will keep your food much fresher for longer, without giving it the plastic-like taste that so often results from wrapping it in cling-film.

Also consider buying an “ice mat.” These are essentially packs that contain water inside an extra-insulating fabric. You pop them in the fridge in the evening and then keep them in your lunch bag to ensure that your food remains cold due to its cooling properties. Thermos make excellent products in this regard.