Lunch bags don’t seem to be a very exciting item but that was before the fantastic designs created by Cosmoda.

This page is an introduction to the bags. If you want to jump straight in, there’s a  good selection of bags available to buy here.

In 2005 Cosmoda a company renowned for distributing some of the most famous brands in the world decided to design their own range of branded products and as part of that launch created the Koko lunch bag.

What Are Koko Lunch Bags?

For many people getting their lunch to work means carrying a tuperware box or a plastic bag.  This approach creates a number of problems.  Fitting a large box into briefcase or handbag is often difficult and unsightly.  Food is also in a warm environment which can be unhealthy especially in hot offices and warm climates.

There is also the cost to the environment of all though plastic bags we use.  Imagine taking one plastic bag into work everyday for forty weeks that’s 200 plastic bags in some landfill site.

All of these problems are a thing of the past with the Koko lunch bag range.  You no longer have to hide your lunch away but can carry it in a fantastic looking bag which is fashionable and practical.  Although they are insulated bags they have been designed in such a way to look and feel like handbags

Each of the bags has a cool design name; Alexa, Casey,Daryl,Darlene,Dima, Ginger etc.  Each design uses vibrant colours in a design that nobody would know is a lunch bag.


But what about the practicalities, well you not only have a stylish bag but one that is wipe clean cotton fabric, insulated interiors and plenty of room inside to store all of your food, drinks and snacks.

The insulated interior means that you be confident your food is not going to get to warm and arrives in the best possible shape.  So instead of opening that slightly warm and congealed sandwich that has been sitting in your desk drawer since 8am in the morning your food will be fresh and taste as delicious as the time you prepared it.

These bags can also inspire you to start making your lunch for work which can form part of a healthy diet instead of those quick takeaways.  Also think of the costs savings.  It is often cheaper to make your own lunch each day than pay restaurant or convenience store prices.

What about going on day trips or a trip to the beach. You may not want to dig out the large picnic basket or take food in big boxy coolers. Instead, you can load up your insulated Koko bag and know that you food will be kept fresh.

There’s Also The Environmental Benefit…

Perhaps one of the most important things is the benefit to the environment.  In designing their products Cosmoda pay particular attention to environmental concerns.

This is central to the company’s philosophy.  As we mentioned earlier the environmental benefit of avoiding those extra food bags, brown paper and carrier bags in landfill sites all around the world must be a great thing. The company says that it is committed to its approach of providing eco friendly and fashionable design into the future.

So you can do your bit for the environment whilst having a great lunch carried in a real fashion accessory.

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